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Masonicpartners.com and Affinity Marketing Associates (AMA), founded in 1987, is a full-service marketing, advertising and fundraising consulting company located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. AMA develops and administers fundraising programs and exclusive commemorative offerings for fraternal and 501C3 charitable organizations. Clients include 50 State Masonic Jurisdictions; Shrine, Scottish Rite and York Rite communities; The George Washington National Memorial; Alumni Associations; Social and Professional Fraternities; Paralyzed Veterans of America; and many more.

AMA has come to be recognized by each organization as a trustworthy, professional marketing company dedicated to providing qualitative and innovative products to the members and raising substantial funds for the benefit of the organization.  The principals of AMA collectively bring more than six decades of experience to the task of providing clients with proven programs, customized and executed on a turnkey basis.

AMA provides clients with complete marketing and advertising services, business planning, product development and manufacturing, direct mail and media, telemarketing, fund-raising, licensing, fulfillment and customer service.  For more information about AMA's products and service offerings Click Here.

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Masonic Partners
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